HalaLube Hydraulic Oil HFM ISO VG 46

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Produk Food dan Beverage Lubricants asal Malaysia lengkap dengan halal certificate dan NSF certificate

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HalaLube Hydraulic Oil HFM ISO VG 46
HalaLube H1 lubricants are needed in the lubrication of hydraulic machine pistons for the food & beverage processing & packaging, packaging, paper and pharmaceutical industries.
HalaLube lubricant is high viscosity hydraulic oil with greater film strength than ordinary hydraulic oil. They have been designed to maintain a superior result for a long lasting period.

HalaLube is highly viscous, ensures constant pressure, high volumetric efficiency. an absence of slippage and sound application

HalaLube HYDRAULIC OIL HFM-46 serves to minimize wear and frictional energy take-up by resisting temperature build-up, provides excellent lubrication of moving parts and lubricates the friction. Halalube lubricants do not contain ingredients of animal origin or genetically modified products and are HALAL certified (MUI Approved).